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2 Dogs Long Dachshunds is a well known and respected Dachshund Breeder located on the plains in Power, Montana. We are in a rural area, with no close neighbors. The dogs can enjoy their fill of sunshine and fresh air as they are housed 2 to a pen with access to their outdoor runs anytime they want to - there are pet doors on every pen. We raise healthy, happy, loving dachshunds for mainly pet homes.
Our dogs are bred for conformation, temperament, and health with each litter carefully planned. Quality is very important to us, and whether the dog is "just a pet", or is entering a show home, the breeding is no different - there is never an excuse for substandard breeding practices no matter what animal you are bringing into this world.
When a puppy goes to a new home, they are sent with everything they need - food, toys, treats, a special Hug-a-dog harness (, leash, booklets on care and training, and a blanket. We like the transition to their new home to be as stress-free as possible.

We started our store because new pet owners are always asking me where they could get the treats and toys I send along with the dachshunds.  Our store features only products we have tried and use ourselves.  

Every item in our store has been tried by the dachshunds before it goes on our sales page. The dogs have to like it or we won't carry the product. Having had dachshunds in our lives and home for over 25 years, we know that though the dogs DO love their treats, they actually don't like every treat on the market. We also know that they can easily gain weight with those wonderfully expressive eyes that say "I'm SO hungry, can't I have just one more???" That's why we are careful about what we buy for them. We want good treats that have healthy ingredients in them. The chews we get are not greasy or overly large - just big enough for a small dog to enjoy and not go overboard with. We try to offer products made of all natural ingredients we know are wholesome and good. Many contain vitamins needed to maintain joint mobility. The dogs are not only getting something they like, but also something that is good for them.
Grooming tools are what we find work best for our longhaired dachshunds.The brushes we sell are easy to grip and hold onto while grooming your dog. Its also an excellent time to run your hands over your dog to ensure there are no ticks, lumps, or painful areas on your dog - if so, get to the vet immediately, to have it checked out.

Teeth are important to clean, but what dog likes that?  Start slowly with the dental wipes we offer, then you can move to toothbrush and toothpaste without problem.

The dog dishes are pretty and have that skid resistant bottom on them.  Those corner bowls are nice because they have some heft to them, and fit into an area not so easy to get a nose under if they're having a bad day.

Beds we feature are what our dogs like. We give our mothers with puppies dreamsacks from Dachshund Delights when the pups are 4-5 weeks old - they love to tuck the babies inside the sack. There's nothing cuter than a puppy peeking out of a dreamsack or several noses lined up - with that being all you can see. We love those sacks and so do the dogs. It gives a sense of security to a dog that likes to burrow.  The smaller couch beds are for the dogs to snuggle down in - they enjoy them too. 

Ramps are a must with long backed dogs. My vet stated the worst thing on a dachshund's back are stairs. If you teach your puppy right away to use the ramp, he will use it all the time. You should have ramps up to the furniture, beds, or anyplace your dog wants to jump up or down to. I'm not saying that because we sell them, I'm stating a fact that could well save your dog's life if his back goes out from that one jump he shouldn't have made.

Toys are what our doxies like - we try to change them out from time to time so dogs don't get bored.  There are some nice gift items handmade for the pet lover, many of which are one-of-a-kind.

Pooch pads are lifesavers.  For both puppy and adult alike, they can be used for the home-alone dog, older incontinent adult dog, or puppy training.  They are washable up to 300 times, and that's a fact I can attest to.  We always have 5-6 pads out in various locations around the house for the dogs to use (and they do)

Responsible owners clean up after their pet when they go for a walk.  Our clip on waste bag holders remind you to do just that.  Nobody wants to step in your pet's mess so be sure you always have plenty of refill bags too so you don't run out.  We stock them so you won't forget.

Leashes are a must-have for any breed of dog - especially hounds - for their own safety.  For small dogs, a 4' lead is all you need.  Retractable leads are the worst item for any animal - they get too far away from you and can pick up something that can prove fatal to them before you can get close enough to see what it is.  Please, always leash your dog!  For multiple pets, we suggest and carry 2 and 3 way couplers which will keep your pets by your side.

Whether its toys, treats, ramps, grooming, leashes, or whatever, you can rest assured that if its on our website, we've tried it and the dogs have given it a paws up.
If we don't have something you would like us to carry, or have ideas for other items, please, feel free to email and ask about it. I have received some great suggestions already that I plan to implement within the next couple months. If you don't like something or found it unsafe, by all means tell me because I want to know. Our pets are our responsibility and its our job to protect and nurture them. so if something isn't right with a product that we missed trying it out - please, email and let me know!
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